M42 receives Global Healthcare Accreditation Certification for Excellence in Medical Travel Patient Experience

2024/5/16 18:16:34

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla., May 16, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- M42 has achieved the Global Healthcare Accreditation (GHA) certification for Excellence in Medical Travel Patient Experience from the US for its pioneering approach. With an overall score of 91 per cent, this certification reaffirms M42's commitment to delivering exceptional care and support to international patients throughout their journey.

M42 is renowned for upholding high ethical standards and dedication to delivering culturally sensitive and compassionate care to people from all cultures. The International Patient Services (IPS) department at M42 provides personalised support through assigned ambassadors who assist international patients and their companions, ensuring a seamless journey from their first initial contact to their departure. The M42 IPS team prioritises strict adherence to critical patient access points to ensure that its medical travel services not only meet but exceed the expectations of international patients.

Since its inception, M42 has attracted patients from countries across the globe, including the UK, the US, Kuwait, India and Saudi Arabia. M42 leads the way in advanced medical procedures with state-of-the-art facilities such as Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, Healthpoint, Moorfields and Imperial College London Diabetes Centre, among others. From robotic orthopedics to bariatric surgery, transplants, cardiac interventions, and IVF, M42 sets the standard for premier medical care globally. M42 now joins the elite ranks of globally recognised healthcare providers by securing the GHA Medical Travel Patient Experience Certification, marking a significant milestone in advancing the region's medical tourism sector.

GHA is dedicated to enhancing healthcare quality and safety in the medical tourism industry. Through services such as accreditation, certification, strategy, medical travel program development and optimization, and other business solutions to help scale growth, GHA helps position healthcare providers to attract and serve medical travel patients, ultimately enhancing clinical outcomes, patient satisfaction, and the organisation's business performance.

Hasan Jasem Al Nowais, Managing Director and Group Chief Executive Officer of M42, said: "M42 uniquely combines traditional health-tech and healthcare provision to address health holistically, not just healthcare. We proudly continue this approach across our world-class global network. Receiving the first Global Healthcare Accreditation certification in the region reaffirms our commitment to the wellbeing and safety of those we serve. Our priority is people, not just patients and this certification acknowledges not just our dedication to the people in our care, but also strengthens the UAE's position as a premier destination for medical tourism."    

The UAE has become a hub for medical tourism and is a rapidly growing industry. According to recent statistics, the medical tourism market is expected to grow substantially. By 2027, the UAE's medical tourism market is projected to reach US$273.72 billion, showing a significant increase from US$104.68 billion in 2019. In terms of the number of international medical tourists, the UAE welcomed around half a million medical tourists, with visitors from Asia comprising the largest group at 37 per cent, followed by the wider Gulf region at 31 per cent and Europe at 15 per cent.

Renée-Marie Stephano, GHA's Chief Executive Officer, said: "We extend our heartfelt congratulations to M42 International Patient Services for achieving GHA Certification for Excellence in Medical Travel Patient Experience – the first organisation in the Middle East to achieve recognition under this programme. The Certification offers organisations a unique opportunity to delve deeply into their global/international patient service practices, effecting positive change in quality, safety and overall patient experience. GHA certification also serves as a powerful tool for increasing visibility to patients and other international payers. By prioritising operational excellence and patient-centred care, GHA's Certification plays a pivotal role in building patient trust. We commend M42 International Patient Services for its unwavering commitment to service excellence and steadfast support for the unique needs of medical travel patients."

The GHA scrutinises over 34 standards of medical travel quality, with a special emphasis on 11 critical standards, encompassing the entire patient journey from pre-arrival activities like the patient intake process and coordinating travel arrangements all the way to discharge and post-treatment follow-up. This rigorous GHA survey process also involved evidence of compliance documents, onsite surveys, end-to-end patient tracers and interviews with discharged patients.

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