AUVON Launches a New Professional TENS Unit "AUVON 7000", Offering a Drug-free Pain Relief Way at Home

2024/5/28 23:14:13

Enjoy Convenient, Professional-grade, and Customizable Pain Relief with AUVON 7000

LEWES, Del., May 28, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- AUVON, a leading expert in the field of professional pain management, has launched AUVON 7000 TENS Unit Muscle Stimulator on Amazon. AUVON 7000 includes 8 customizable modes and 40 intensity levels, supporting up to 60 hours of continuous therapy. This cutting-edge device activates specific natural pain gate mechanisms to relieve body pain more safely, empowering users to live active and fulfilling lives.

AUVON 7000 TENS Unit Muscle Stimulator
AUVON 7000 TENS Unit Muscle Stimulator

Drug-free and Cost-effective Pain Relief at Home

In our daily lives, it's all too common for individuals to experience muscle aches and body pains caused by physical activity, strenuous work, or the natural aging process. Suffering from chronic pain can profoundly affect one's sleep, mental health, mobility, and overall quality of life, leading to physical, emotional, and financial strain. The AUVON 7000 TENS Unit can offer a safe, non-invasive, and cost-effective method of body pain relief. It adopts human body stimulation technology by activating specific natural pain gate mechanisms. The AUVON 7000 TENS device is highly suitable for athletes, physical workers, and individuals to relieve pain anytime, anywhere. By using the AUVON 7000, enjoy professional and drug-free pain relief and take back control of your life.

The New Upgraded TENS Unit for Personalized Pain Treatment

Individual pain relief needs vary widely, leading to the development of personalized pain management approaches. The AUVON 7000 TENS Unit is distinguished by its adjustable modes, intensity levels, powerful battery, and a variety of TENS pad options, ensuring tailored and effective pain treatment.

  • This advanced TENS device offers 8 customizable modes for a variety of at-home pain relief solutions, adjustable to fit personal and professional recommendations.
  • With 40 levels of intensity and a precise control knob, it allows users to gradually adjust stimulation strength for comfortable pain management.
  • The AUVON 7000 is equipped with a powerful 600 mAh rechargeable battery, which can withstand up to 60 hours of continuous treatment per charge and offers you a more flexible plan of treatment sessions according to personal schedules without frequent and hassle charging.
  • The machine includes high-quality, American-made gel pads in different sizes for focused treatment on different body parts and can use two or four pads at once, accommodating users' specific needs.

User-friendly Designs for Convenient and Efficient Use

Patients often encounter various challenges when using professional-grade TENS devices for home treatment, which can significantly affect their home pain management experience. In response, the AUVON 7000 was designed to be user-friendly, aiming to provide a simple and easy-to-use solution for professional pain relief at home.

The AUVON 7000 TENS unit stands out with top-mounted rotary knobs for seamless intensity adjustments, providing smoother operation than conventional buttons. Its large, intuitive screen and buttons ensure effortless mode selection. "Yeah, I feel like it's really easy to move through," expressed a satisfied orthopedic surgeon outpatient after trying the device, praising its ease of navigation and the thoughtful design for making pain relief at home so easy and effective.

"The AUVON 7000 Rechargeable Digital TENS Unit Muscle Stimulator is the epitome of our commitment to incorporating cutting-edge medical technology into every day. We recognize the individuality of pain, which is why we have committed to the field of pain relief for 7 years to realize the concept of "Relief, within Reach" and strive to provide better quality products with humanized designs and enable free self-care at home to enhance the quality of life and happiness for everyone," said Charlie, Chairman of AUVON.

Pricing and Availability

The AUVON 7000 is now available for $39.99 on Amazon. To make it affordable for most consumers, Auvon now is offering a promotional discount of 10% on using the code "AUVONMEPN", valid from May 28th to August 28th.


Founded in 2017, AUVON has become the top seller on Amazon in the field of pain management. The passionate innovators on the team believe in "Relief, within Reach", and everyone should have access to high-quality, affordable, user-friendly pain relief solutions. AUVON's products garnered widespread customer acclaim and endorsements from editors across several health publications, such as the New York Times, Forbes, Healthline, etc. In the past 7 years, AUVON products have served over 8.2 million American families across 8 countries and regions. The brand promises to empower everyone to take control of their health and well-being and accompany them on their journey toward a brighter, pain-free future.

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